About Us

Our Mission

At Crutcho, we prepare all students to reach their potential and achieve productive futures.

Our Vision

To provide the highest hopes and biggest dreams for every child that walks through our doors. To be the model that all other schools seek to replicate.

Our Principles 

Crutcho School will...

  • Foster an atmosphere where students, parents, staff, and community members work together to create a family environment for our learners.

  • Be a school that inspires academic excellence, leadership, collaboration, and a world-class education for our students.

  • Teach in ways that promote creativity, innovation, wonder, joy, and a passion for learning.

  • Demand academic rigor and set high expectations for every learner.

  • Create a culture with high levels of discipline, manners, and respect.

  • Cultivate students who will become global leaders and citizens by teaching them about the world.

  • Celebrate diversity and different cultures.

  • Strive to find the best, brightest, most passionate educators who have been called to teach in our classrooms.

  • Embrace our motto:

Whatever it takes. No excuses! No exceptions!