On behalf of Crutcho Public Schools we extend a thank you to all the citizens of the Crutcho district for the overwhelming “yes” vote on our School Bond election. With this revenue, the District will be able to make needed air conditioning repairs; purchase laptops for our students; and a needed new bus to transport students. These items should be completed and purchased before the beginning of the next school year.
Additionally, we received good news about our academic growth on our State Tests results from last April. Our academic growth improved from a grade of “F” to a grade of “B”. Congratulations to our students, parents and faculty for this very significant improvement. We still, however, have “miles to go before we sleep” as our overall grade results improved, but only to a “D”, due largely to “chronic absenteeism” of students. (As parents, please be mindful of your student’s attendance in order that we may improve in this area.). Our academic achievement will improve, I believe, if we improve in this area.
Our Faculty and Staff set two district wide goals this year as we work for “continuous improvement toward performance excellent:
1. Improve student attendance to 94%
2. Move student academic test scores toward a 300 OPI (Oklahoma Performance Index), or to be on current grade level in preparation for being college ready.
Our Students with academically rigorous instruction are very capable of these goals. Our Faculty and Staff are committed to these goals. Please help us by encouraging your student(s) to be diligent in doing homework and taking education seriously.
Thank you for allowing us the privilege of educating your children.
James Branscum