Superintendent Message!!!

Message from the Superintendent:

Parents, Guardians, and students thank you for attending Crutcho Public Schools.  Our school has a highly qualified and enthusiastic faculty and staff who have adapted their instructional delivery methods to accommodate your students’ choice of instructional options.  Our Board of Education has adopted a “blended instructional schedule” that includes “A” and “B” day and a “virtual school” option.

During “A” and “B” day schedules, students will attend in-person classes two days each week.  The other three days students will do work and assignments from home.  Communication is very important and if any issues should arise, we are here to support you.  Faculty and staff will communicate by email and/or phone.

In our virtual school, students will be instructed at home.  Attendance for virtual school will be taken during zoom meetings.  It is very important for academic instruction and attendance that all virtual students attend zoom meetings.  Grades will be given based on assignments and homework completed.

Parents and Guardians, we need your help to make our blended schedule successful.  Parents can support students and faculty by the following:

  • Provide a clean, quiet environment for learning
  • Contact your virtual teacher when your child is struggling by (phone or email)
  • Encourage a minimum of twenty minutes each day of quiet reading
  • Acknowledge when your student does well and encourage them
  • Stay positive 

Thank you and know we are diligently working for a successful year.

James Branscum, EdD.