Welcome Message from Superintendent!!!!

Moving Forward:
It seems impossible that time moves so quickly. Being cognizant of this fact, at Crutcho one of our goals is to be sure we use our time wisely. As someone has calculated, there are only 86,400 seconds in a day. Understanding this fact make us desire to be strategically focused as educators. Please emphasized to your student how important it is to be prepared for the days study.
One of our school goals is to prepare our students to move closer in the state testing process to a score of 300 on the Oklahoma Performance Index (an index score that indicates that students are progressing toward being college and career ready for their grade level). To do this, our students need every second of academic instruction available. Our teachers are diligently pursuing instructional methods that include greater academic rigor as students are learning important academic concepts.
Our requests for Parents: Please emphasize the importance of attendance, and equally important, attentiveness, appropriate behavior and study of curriculum presented to them by their teachers.
Staff and Faculty are available to visit with you if you have questions, and thank you for allowing us to teach your student.
James Branscum, EdD.