Superintendent Message!!!

Our students are already beginning the second half of the year. Our basketball teams have achieved some monumental accomplishments. Congratulations to our Coaches and players.
Our girl’s team was Area Champions and State semi-finalist while the boy’s team was Area Champions and also State Champions. We are extremely proud of our Crutcho Tigers. These accomplishments required desire, dedication and endurance by our Coaches and Players during a long season.
I would encourage parents and students to apply those same characteristics to our academic mindsets as students prepare for the upcoming state tests later this semester. First, students desire within yourself to do well. Secondly, dedicate yourselves to study, do homework and concentrate on what your teacher is teaching. Thirdly, practice the quality of endurance: be present in class each and everyday that you possibly can; seek academic help from your teacher when you do not understand a concept; and lastly, be and encourager to your fellow students.
James Branscum, EdD.