New Safety Measures at School Check-In

Crutcho has launched a new visitor check-in system, called SchoolSafeID, to better ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff. For the first time, all visitors will be required to present a valid state-issued ID to obtain a visitor’s pass and enter the school. The name and date of birth on visitors’ driver’s licenses will be compared to the national database of registered sex offenders.

This is a proactive measure to keep our students and staff safe. In addition, SchoolSafeID simplifies the check-in process for both our visitors and our front office staff.

SchoolSafe ID will be managed through a kiosk housed in or near our schools’ main offices. A touchscreen will guide visitors through the check-in process, requiring them to scan their driver’s licenses. Unlike older visitor management models that read the visitor’s photo and name from the front of the license, SchoolSafeID scans the barcode on the back, ensuring accuracy of the information recorded and making inaccurate flagging of visitors much more unlikely.

Visitors will be able to manage this process themselves, but our front office staff will also double check driver’s licenses to ensure the ID and the person checking in are a match. Visitors without a state-issued ID will not be permitted to enter the school. Visitors will be able to drop items off or visit the front office without an ID.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at (405) 427-3771.